Monday, November 30, 2009

What color eyeshadow goes with a red/white dress?

my eyes are brown, my hair is brown, my skin is fair/beige.

this is for my graduation and a wedding, and i need to know how to do my makeup for the occasion. its a day occasion so something a bit more natural and not very neon if you know what i mean. thanks!What color eyeshadow goes with a red/white dress?
I think that a gold color would look really pretty and summery, top the look of with pink lip gloss. Have fun!What color eyeshadow goes with a red/white dress?
hmmm try a smoky eye or shimmery grays and silvers around those colors u might be able to pull off a gold but i dont recommend it
you can apply a light shimmery colored eyeshadow very close to your complexion over your lids to right under your brow bone and a matte shadow on the crease of your lids with a maple tone to it but be careful not to go too heavy, then line the top of your eyes with blk eyeliner and drag the corners out just a bit this will make your eyes pop since you're going so neutral you want your eyes to stand out and not fade out.
i think a light silverish gray would like nice, not too dramatic but goes w/red and white i think
Go with anything natural looking.
I think a light tan eyeshadow would look nice, possibly with some darker shades of brown closer to your eyelashes, getting lighter as you go out. Because your eyes are brown, however, you may want to try something that would stand out a little bit more, like a light pink or something to that effect. My best advice would be to try a bunch of different shades/looks and pick what you think looks best. You may be surprised!
I think golds or lighter browns would work great.

They look nice on pretty much any eye color.
i can help with the lip gloss. i would suggest a light pink color. it gives your cheeks a light rosy touch and gives you the innocent beautiful woman kind of look.

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